looking back

Looking back at 2021-2022 and plans for 2023

Every end of year I write about what happened during the yearly cycle and what’s to come. This year was very special and impactful for me. I learned a lot about myself, about what I do and why. Here are the highlights. Highlights of 2022 and 2021 Academic Papers I published and co-authored several academic papers during this period: What drives the release of material facts for Brazilian stocks? The Academic Inbreeding Controversy: Analysis and Evidence from Brazil Board gender diversity: performance and risk of Brazilian firms O Impacto da Titulação Acadêmica de Conselheiros e Diretores sobre a Performance de Empresas Negociadas na B3 Books The first edition of book Visualização de Dados com o R was published in October 2022.

Looking back at 2020 and plans for 2021

Wow, what a long year! The pandemic affected everyone, changing the way we live and relate to one another. This was a year full of lessons and we must be thankful and be able to appreciate life even more. Events such as these show how little our “problems” are when put into perspective. I’m lucky that, despite the lockdown, I was able to work from home this year. Lets have a look at the highlights. Highlights of 2020 Academic Papers This year I published and co-authored two academic papers: