Update on GetDFPData tables -- 2019's DFP and FRE data

After battling B3’s website for days, I finally managed to gather a master table for all corporate data. I’m happy to report that the 2019’s data is now included in GetDFPData, the CRAN package and shiny interface. This includes new financial statements and company’s FRE data.

I also want to use this update to formally thank everyone that made a donation in the shiny website. Your donation is not only helping paying for the bills of the server but increasing my motivation for working further in this project.

As for R code with then new dataset, let’s give it a try:


name.companies <- c('PETRÓLEO BRASILEIRO  S.A.  - PETROBRAS')

first.date <- '2017-01-01'
last.date <- '2020-01-01'
inflation.index <- 'IPCA'

df.reports <- gdfpd.GetDFPData(name.companies = name.companies,
                               first.date = first.date,
                               last.date = last.date)

Marcelo S. Perlin
Marcelo S. Perlin
Associate Professor

My research interests include data analysis, finance and cientometrics.

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