About New Edition

My plan is to keep updating the content of this book every two years. Its been fun to see how much can change in the R ecosystem in just a couple of years. Here are the main updates in this revision:

New pipeline operator
A new pipeline operator (|>) was introduced in R version 4.1.0. While the old pipeline from {magrittr} (Bache and Wickham 2022) can still be found in the wild, my best bet is that, given its native quality and ease of use, the new pipeline will dominate the scene.
New packages
Many of the packages used in previous editions have changed over the years. A couple of packages were dropped from CRAN, and others were substituted by upgraded versions.
New book package
I rewrote all functions in package {afedR3} (M. S. Perlin 2023a) towards a modular approach, facilitating the future maintenance of the book content. It also includes a testing framework, which will make sure all content in the book is presented as it should.

I hope you enjoy this new edition. Its been a great pleasure to evolve with the book, and I hope I can keep maintaining it over the next decades.

Marcelo S. Perlin,

Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2023-03-08